The EMPOWER Clinical Study

Evaluating an investigational, non-invasive diagnostic test for endometriosis


Your participation in EMPOWER may help to create a new normal for the millions of women suffering from endometriosis

Today, an endometriosis diagnosis can take 4-11 years1. The purpose of EMPOWER is to evaluate if endometriosis can be detected via a blood or saliva sample. The ability to diagnose endometriosis non-invasively may reduce time to diagnosis, years of discomfort, and disease progression.

In order to achieve this goal, we are seeking 700+ females who are passionate about improving the diagnosis of endometriosis. 


By providing ~30 minutes of your time, you can help to pave the path for earlier diagnosis and treatments for endometriosis


Your provider will determine your eligibility. Some requirements include:

  • Female between the age of 18-49
  • Undergoing a surgery for suspected endometriosis
  • Not previously diagnosed with endometriosis via laparoscopy details

Your provider will review the study details with you. If you remain interested, you will be asked to sign a consent form. visits

You will complete 2 study visits to provide blood/saliva samples and complete questionnaires. This may be completed during your regularly scheduled clinic visits. You will receive a small stipend for your participation at each study visit.


Want to help shape the future of endometriosis diagnosis? 
Review these FAQs and speak with your doctor to learn more